Surgery Revision

Revision surgery at Oasis of Hope Bariatrics can help you achieve your ideal weight and maintain a healthy BMI.

Bariatric surgery revision can be an ideal treatment for patients who may not have experienced the desired results following their weight loss surgeries.

Bariatric surgery revision consists of performing a new bariatric intervention in a patient who has already undergone a surgical procedure to lose weight and who presented complications or did not obtain the expected results.

It is considered as a successful weight loss procedure when  patient loss 50% of the excess weight and maintained for 5 years. Failure occurs in 20-30% of patients. The cause of failure are multifactorial such as inappropriate procedure for the patient or not continuing with lifestyle changes.

Consider 3 primary reasons for Bariatric Revision Surgery

Side Effects

In rare cases, patients might encounter ongoing side effects or more serious health complications, such as infection or erosion around a gastric band device.

Failure to Lose Weight

Weight loss will eventually slow down after a bariatric procedure, but some patients reach a premature plateau after their surgery. A revision will allow patients to continue on their weight loss and wellness journey.

Patient Regains Weight

Patients often regain some of the weight they lost, which may be the result of the stomach stretching out after surgery. If you regain most of the excess weight you lost after a bariatric procedure, revision surgery is essential.

There are also other important causes to performing Bariatric revision surgery, such as: Inadequate weight loss, Significant weight gain, Not presenting control of comorbidities (Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, etc.), Medical complications in general.

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