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Did you know there is a cure for your diabetes


Diabetes is one of the four diseases that represent a health crisis worldwide, in the last 15 years the number of patients and complications related to the disease have doubled.

It was estimated that there are more than 400 million people with diabetes in the world, and recently more than 1.5 million new cases have been opened.

Being overweight and obesity are  the main risk factors for developing the disease and complications secondary to them. Undergoing treatment for diabetes is not enough to regulate your glucose levels to a normal rate.

The main complications that a patient with Diabetes type 2 presents

  • Impairment of foot sensitivity (causing amputation due to unnoticed injuries)
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Heart attack
  • Retinopathy (involvement of the blood vessels of the eyes, causing blindness)

Through bariatric surgery, mixed procedures are performed (restrictive / malabsorptive), presenting a diet restriction which reduces the amount of food that one can eat, which reduces the absorption of sugar and fat in foods in a large percentage, obtaining control of blood sugar levels in a stable and constant manner as well as reducing excess weight.

With bariatric surgery you enter a 65 to 85% remission rate.



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